Energy Project Development Support

Next Grid helps customers explore and bring to life CHP, solar, battery and microgrid projects.

At Next Grid, we understand that there are different drivers for energy projects (emission reductions, leadership in sustainability and others), but projects ultimately need to make economic sense. Our intention is not only to help define what a project looks like but also to help bring that project to fruition and optimize its financial and technical operations moving forward.

Our goal isn’t to just help conceptualize a project and then move on. We want to stand beside our clients as a development and technical resource to help drive design, development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, start-up, and operations. We work on behalf of our clients by bringing our experience in project development, project management, engineering, construction, and operations to help navigate the complexity of project risks, and priorities of energy project development. This process includes understanding all the economic benefits of the system, including energy credits, and benefits such as capacity payments, spinning reserve and or other grid services and attributes, and how to optimize them.

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