Energy Credit Qualification and Monetization

Next Grid works with customers to qualify, verify and monetize renewable and alternative energy credits in a number of markets.

About Energy Credit Markets

Over 35 states in the U.S. have renewable or alternative energy portfolio standards. While they vary by state, these state programs provide standards for the incorporation of renewable/alternative energy into the electric fuel supply mix. The programs help to increase penetration of clean energy by providing credits for energy generation that is traded to obligated suppliers (e.g. electric utilities, or energy suppliers) for revenue.

What We Do

Next Grid is active in the renewable energy credit (REC), solar renewable energy credit (SREC), alternative energy credits (AEC) and Federal Renewable Fuel Standard Credits (RINs) markets.  Starting as early as the design process, we work with you to collect the relevant information and work with regulators to make the application a seamless process. We then quantify, verify, trade and monetize your energy credits, working to secure the most favorable price.

Our Experience

With Massachusetts’ largest Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS) project portfolio, Next Grid has experience with a breadth of cogeneration systems, and an understanding of how to best qualify units for the greatest return of credits. Next Grid is one of the largest marketers of renewable and alternative energy credits, trading over 300,000 MA APS credits per year, as well as a significant amount of CT and solar RECs.

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